who are we?


The prize-winning Danish-Latvian ensemble brings truly unique and innovative chamber music experience to audiences. CARION fascinates with it’s carefully choreographed and dramatized performances of classical and modern works, making music on stage visible, thus adding a new dimension to traditional concert events.

No chairs. No music stands, nothing. The way Carion fill the stage with musical and emotional content is something remarkable –

Allgemeine Zeitung

CARION’S fresh approach to chamber music has brought acclaimed performances in Europe’s most prestigious festivals like Rheingau Festival, Kissinger Sommer, Beethovenfest Bonn, Bergen Festival and Louisiana Festival as well as in the Far East. CARION has released 5 highly critically acclaimed CDs – including stellar reviews from Gramophone and BBC magazine, awards from Danish radio and best classical album of 2015 on iTunes. But nothing compares to their trend setting music videos on Youtube that continue generating views totaling close to a million now. The Ligeti performance alone has over 300 000.

The near future will bring a new recording featuring works by Mozart and Hindemith as well as most notable performances i.e. Zurich Tonhalle (Switzerland) and continued work on expanding the woodwind genre.

A major project will be a very special commissioned work under the common theme – „30 years of Baltic way“ in 2019 by 3 Nordic composers (Britt Bystrom, Anders Nordentoft and Andris Dzenītis) in cooperation with German dramaturg Jochen Sandig. Together the artists will create a completely new type of concerto and unique performance for CARION with symphony orchestra incorporating elements of drama, light performance and cultural happening.

About the repertoire

Carion presents a varied and interesting repertoire. The ensemble is well founded in the established wind quintet works, but has received most favourable critique for their interpretation of Carl Nielsen, french composers like Jean Françaix and especially the Six Bagatelles by György Ligeti. Carion has worked with several composers, most notably with Morten Skovgård Danielsen, and can also present a unique range of arrangements by their own horn player, David M.A.P. Palmquist.


Helsinki Festival, Roskilde Festival, Budapest, Al Bustan Festival Beirut (Lebanon), Dubai Concert Series (UAE), Louisiana Concert Series (Copenhagen), Reykjavik, Musik i Väst (Sweden), Musik i Syd (Sweden), Aarhus Chamber Music Society (Denmark), Beethovenfest (Germany), Rheingau Musikfestival (Germany)

Dóra Seres

Dóra Seres

Dóra is an active soloist, chamber, and orchestral musician. She enjoys cooking Hungarian food and traveling to warm places. She lives with her husband and two children in Malmö, Sweden.

Egils Upatnieks

Egils Upatnieks


Outside of Carion, Egils plays Principal Oboe in Latvian National Symphony orchestra. He enjoys sports and outdoor activities in his free time, especially hunting. He lives in Riga with his wife and two children.

Egīls Šēfers


Egīls as an active chamber musician, soloist, music critic, and record producer. He enjoys riding bikes of all kinds and being in the nature. He lives with his lovely wife and two children in Riga, Latvia.

David M.A.P. Palmquist

David M.A.P. Palmquist


David is our master arranger, he plays horn in Danish Royal Guard, he also is assistant conductor there. He has a vast collection of musical instruments, likes riding a motorcycle, and enjoys walking his tortoise in the park near his Hellerup home.

Niels Anders Vedsten Larsen

Niels Anders Vedsten Larsen

Niels Anders is one of the most talented Danish bassoonists, he is an avid chamber musician and pioneer of contemporary music. He also enjoys teaching students, likes roasting his own espresso beans and enjoying good times with his wife and three daughters in their lovely Copenhagen home.